Once upon a time, not so very long ago, Lana Parrilla became the Evil Queen and changed the course of history. From that day forward, a change began and you’re reading this now because of that change.

Regina uttered the words “I will destroy your happiness, if it’s the last thing I do” and Evil Regals across the globe were born. Supported, loved and strengthened by Lana, our Mama Regal, right from the beginning. We've all experienced love, support and encouragement from Lana and from one another.  

We’re not just a bunch of fans. No! We are a Family. And despite the distance between many of us, we have laughed and cried together and created real bonds and this site is a ‘Home’ for us all.

Here, you can connect with other Evil Regals, share in each other’s lives, share your talents and show love to our Mama Regal.

This is Home. We are Family.

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Looking for a locator spell of your own? Thinking “Where can I get Mr Gold’s globe?” Are you desperately seeking a way to find another….

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However on Once Upon a Time, The Evil Queen, more commonly known as “Regina Mills”, is a far more complex and relatable character…

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